I mean if you got it, flaunt it right? Travis Scott either is trying to make up for upsetting his lady Kylie OR better yet he is just an awesome dude that wanted to surprise his lady OR even one better....he proposed to her last night!

I mean seriously! Fans are going crazy with the reasoning behind it and it got me thinking. Regardless of the reason, what's the coolest way that YOUR partner has shown they are thinking about you?

I asked a few people in the office and here is what they said;

  • Nikki said, "Valetines day she said don't get me anything for Valentines Day because it's a stupid commercial holiday. So he didn't get anything for her and she was totally pissed off haha. The next day he surprised her with a teddy bear, flowers and mug that said just because! :)
  • Tina said, "she came home and rose petals were all over the house and on the bed, he had filled the tub with her favorite epson salts with candles and the whole bit

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