So I heard from some friends who are comedians here in Yakima that there are some places that do open-mic comedy. So basically it's a place for people who are trying stand-up comedy for the first time or for comedians who have doing comedy for awhile and need a place to practice their new jokes.

Myself, I'm still new to stand-up comedy -- other than getting a few laughs out of the staff here at the radio station. I've been wanting to do stand-up comedy for awhile. So on Tuesday nights you can see some local comedians try out their comedy bits, including myself. This is free, the comedy that is. Drinks are on you. Bring a friend and have a laugh. And who knows, make some new friends.

If you want to tell some jokes, here are the locations.

The Sport Center Restaurant and Bar
214 E. Yakima Ave
Starts at 7:30 p.m.

The Endzone Sport Bar and Grill
1023 N First St
Starts at 9:00PM

*Times are subject to change

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