I've seen the Twin Brook Creamery milk selection at Wray's for the past few months and usually pass on it just by nature of I keep getting the same 2% milk as I always have, but the other day I felt adventurous and grabbed one. I'm so glad I did.

The price threw me off for just a second. I believe it was $2.79 but it did come with a deposit. I figured, just for fun, I'd grab the strawberry milk which I'm a fan of.

It was a far better tasting strawberry milk that you're used to. Creamier, too. I can't explain it but it's like you take your traditional strawberry milk from any national distributor and crank up the flavor volume. I loved it and it didn't last too long in our fridge.

Remembering there was a deposit on the glass jar, I cleaned it and returned it, basically trading it for the chocolate milk. I didn't know what kind of deposit I was getting back, but it was almost two dollars! I think it was literally $1.95 but I could be wrong or prices could vary.

Chocolate milk is always a hit at our place and, again, it didn't last long. It was that same evening where one of my kids requested I get more of exactly that kind of chocolate milk. We have a winner!

Twin Brook is based out of Lynden, WA. One of the things I love about Wray's is that they carry local products. According to their website it says it's available at Wray's on 56th and Selah as well as Harvest Foods in Cowiche. As of now I have two empty bottles needing to be returned and am replacing them with two more.

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