I'm a huge fan of Kickstarter. It's usually about someone's dream to have something and share it with the world. Sometimes it's a tangible item, sometimes it's to help fund a movie or music career and sometimes it's potato salad. It's still fun to browse through dreams to see if there are any worth your while to make a reality.

I found this project and it brought back a flood of memories. It's someone who wants to bring back the printed video game magazine and, best of all, it's exclusive to the Pacific Northwest. That's us!

Nathan Martin, a gamer from the Seattle area who seems to have a vast network of other video gaming buddies, thought it'd be cool to bring back a video game magazine. Of course, the first thought is 'Why a magazine when I can get everything I need from the Internet?' But as he explains, there is plenty lost on the Internet that magazines were able to deliver. That's what this magazine, Videogames Northwest, can provide. Since it's local to the Northwest, it would cover local gaming events, game stores and even video game conventions.

Think of the times when you had a favorite song, so you had to buy the whole album. Now you can just download your favorite song. Think of all the other songs you're missing out on by not buying the album. Magazines work that way, too.

When I was growing up, at my peak, I probably had subscriptions to four different magazines. Nintendo Power, Electronic Gaming Monthly, Game Fan and Game Pro. Those magazines are no longer in publication.

I don't know, I thought it was a pretty neat idea. Check out the video and see what it's all about and, if it's something you or someone you know would be interested in, maybe drop off a buck or two.

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