If you're filling up the tank Monday officials at GasBuddy say you'll save the most money. Gas prices in Yakima are unchanged over the last week selling for an average of $4.50 a gallon according to GasBuddy's survey of 91 stations in Yakima. They say prices in Yakima are 14.0 cents per gallon lower than a month ago and stand $1.21 per gallon higher than a year ago. GasBuddy price reports show the cheapest station in the valley continues to be found in Wapato. The Wapato Wolf Den is selling gas for an average of $3.97 per gallon.

The national price of gas is up more than 4 cents a gallon

On the national side the average price of gasoline has risen 4.4 cents per gallon in the last week, averaging $4.11 per gallon today. The national average is down 13.3 cents per gallon from a month ago and stands $1.24 per gallon higher than a year ago, according to GasBuddy data compiled from more than 11 million weekly price reports covering over 150,000 gas stations across the country.

GasBuddy officials say there's really no good news in the future about prices

“For the first time in over a month, the national average price of gasoline has risen. Primarily, this was due to oil prices that had jumped the prior week, pushing up the price that stations pay for fuel and thus causing them to raise prices," says Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy. "The rise has been quite tame in most areas, while others have continued to gently decline. But, with the French election now behind us, there is risk that the EU could pursue harsher sanctions on Russia's energy, which could cause oil prices to rise if it happens - something motorists should be on the watch for. In addition, U.S. oil inventories continue to decline, putting additional pressure on prices as the nation's SPR continues to drain and Russia's war on Ukraine remains ongoing. The global imbalance between supply and demand that led to these higher prices continues for the time being."

What a difference a couple of years make

Historical gasoline prices in Yakima and the national average going back ten years:
April 25, 2021: $3.29/g (U.S. Average: $2.87/g)
April 25, 2020: $2.31/g (U.S. Average: $1.74/g)
April 25, 2019: $3.39/g (U.S. Average: $2.88/g)
April 25, 2018: $3.12/g (U.S. Average: $2.79/g)
April 25, 2017: $2.86/g (U.S. Average: $2.40/g)
April 25, 2016: $2.28/g (U.S. Average: $2.14/g)
April 25, 2015: $2.61/g (U.S. Average: $2.52/g)
April 25, 2014: $3.78/g (U.S. Average: $3.70/g)
April 25, 2013: $3.55/g (U.S. Average: $3.51/g)
April 25, 2012: $4.03/g (U.S. Average: $3.83/g)

Neighboring areas and their current gas prices:
Tacoma- $4.66/g, up 2.6 cents per gallon from last week's $4.63/g.
Seattle- $4.82/g, up 2.5 cents per gallon from last week's $4.79/g.
Washington- $4.65/g, up 2.4 cents per gallon from last week's $4.63/g.

Check the latest prices at gasbuddy.com

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