Over the Labor Day weekend, I went through all of my clothes for a clutter purge.

I have been doing the Marie Kondo "Tidying Magic" of clearing all my sh** out. She makes you go through 5 category stages of clutter and you have to do the declutter process in exact order. First, you take care of all the clothes in your house, then books, papers, miscellaneous, and finally, your mementos. I am in stage one.

As I was looking through the winter stuff I saved inside an old bed comforter bag I reuse for closet storage, I saw some old familiar pieces I treasured. A few of these pieces I noticed were things every Washingtonian owns. It seems I have become a true local because I have every one of these nine things the rest of the state seems to own. If you do, too, I bet you have been here in the state of Washington for at least a couple of years!

Let's see if you, too, have most of these in your closet.
1. Flannel: shirt, pajama pants, pajama shirt
2. Vest: Puffy or blue jean
3. Ripped Jeans
4. Winter Sports Hat
5. Winter gloves with cell phone-friendly fingertips
6. Animal Print (For the Ladies): Leopard, Giraffe, Cheetah, Zebra, Dalmation, or Cow
7. Camo (For the men): Hat, overalls, pants, jacket, face mask
8. Snarky T-Shirt: I saw one up at Mt. Saint Helens the other day; this kid's shirt said, "I Paused My Game to Be Here."
9. Hoodie: College gear, sports gear, plain color, or gamer-themed

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