If you have been watching the gymnastics Olympic games or if you have been anywhere near social media the past few days, you have heard about 35-medal super champion, Simone Biles, dropping out of the TEAM USA competitions. The result of Biles' exit has paved the way for other Team USA members to step up into the spotlight and shine. Take for instance, Washington state's own Jordan Chiles, who recently took home the Olympic silver medal.

Chiles hails from Vancouver, Washington, some three hours or so away from the Yakima Valley. She was born in Oregon but considers Washington her home state. She currently lives in Texas where she has been training alongside Simone Biles, her Olympic teammate.

After her win at the Olympics, Jordan has been able to enjoy a little bit of newfound fame. Chiles recently told Access Hollywood in a lengthy interview that one of the perks she's excited about since winning is that one of her favorite pop stars and actresses, Normani, began following her on Instagram.


Jordan has been going through a lot of personal drama, so this win at the Olympics is especially meaningful. Her mother, author and real estate agent Gina Chiles, is headed to prison for a year and one day, followed by three (3) years probation. It seems that Ms. Chiles embezzled money from a business partner and rental tenants and got caught. Federal court documents state that she was found guilty of stealing $945,000 from Victim 1; $136,000 from Victim 2; and $121,000 to Victim 3. Gina was graciously allowed by the to have her prison sentenced delayed so that she could watch Jordan compete in Tokyo.

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