Is Washington state really as rainy as everyone says it is? According to CurrentResults, it sure is!

The number one most rainy spot in the United States belongs to Aberdeen Reservoir, Washington on the westside of the state which averages 130.6 inches of rain. That's a whole lot of H20!

  1. Aberdeen Reservoir, Washington
  2. Laurel Mountain, Oregon
  3. Forks, Washington
  4. North Fork Nehalem Park, Oregon
  5. Mt Rainier, Paradise Station, Washington
  6. Port Orford, Oregon
  7. Humptulips, Washington
  8. Swift Reservoir, Washington
  9. Naselle, Washington
  10. Clearwater State Park, Washington

Naturally, none of these places are in eastern Washington, but cool to see Washington so many times in the same list. This is only the top 10, but numbers 11 and 12 (Baring and Grays River Hatchery) are both in Washington state as well.

So, if you love the rain, looks like the stereotype is true. Make your way over the passes and enjoy.

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