If you think Washington state's distracted driving law is strict, think what it's like in Hawaii, where a new distracted WALKING law takes effect in October.

The distracted walking law. Yeah, it's pretty much as it sounds. You'll be fined if caught walking while using a smartphone, tablet, handheld video game, digital camera, pager or Amazon Echo personal assistant.

The fines will range from $15 to $99 depending on the offense.

I'm a clumsy person without the added distraction of a phone while walking, so I'll stumble over a curb or trip on the stairs.

But really, anything can be a distraction. So where do you draw the line?

When I was 16 years old, cruising down Yakima Avenue (because that's what we did for fun after we got our licenses), I rear-ended a car at the stoplight -- all because I was checking out the cute guy working at Rainford's Minute Lube. That was a distraction for me. Today, would I get a distracted driving fine added to the list of infractions? What about the cute guy? Why shouldn't he be fined for looking so dang hot?

Do you think something like Hawaii's new distracted walking law should be a law in out state?



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