The mask is optional. That's the word from Yakima City officials who say masks are now optional on both Yakima Transit buses and inside the terminal at the Yakima airport. The option to wear or drop the mask is the result of a court order that says the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s 2021 Order requiring masks is no longer in effect.

If you are flying somewhere make sure you check the rules where you are landing

The CDC continues to recommend that people wear masks in indoor public transportation settings at this time.
While some airlines may still require masks, Alaska Airlines, the airline that flies out of Yakima says masks are now optional.  However they say you could fly out of Yakima with the option to wear the mask but may have to put the mask back on depending on where you land.

Some businesses may still require masking

The Washington State indoor mask mandate ended in March but some private businesses could still require the use of a mask. No businesses in Yakima have indicated they will still require masks. Many people in the valley who may be concerned about health are still wearing masks in area stores.

Going to King County? Riding a bus or train you'll need that mask

In fact masks are still required on buses and trains in Seattle. Officials at Washington State Ferries say masks are no longer required on vessels or inside terminals.  King County Metro, Sound Transit and Kitsap Transit offcials say their mask requirements will not change because the ruling could be appealed.

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