The entirety of Westworld is out for vengeance in the show's Season 2 trailer, released Thursday (March 29) by HBO.

Following the series' park-upending 2016 finale, Maeve is on the hunt for her daughter, despite being told she's something that was just "programmed"; Teddy and Dolores have criss-crossed the park for "10 miles" in search of something, only to be met with bloodshed; and the Man in Black says he's ready to burn the whole place "to the ground."

Bernard, meanwhile, is still coming to grips with what he is, with Dolores trying to convince him to see the beauty of being a host, and there's also a quick glimpse of a figure from Westworld's sister park, Shogunworld.

"Why on earth would you be frightened of me?" Dolores asks ominously, hinting at danger to come.

Westworld returns April 22. Watch the Season 2 trailer below.

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