If you are a member of a Facebook group with more than 50 members, take a look at some of the profiles and search the member profiles until you see a little coffee cup badge next to that member's name.

If you see one, then that person has earned the "Conversation Starter" badge, which means they have created posts that had a lot of engagement with other members of the group. Once you earn this badge, Facebook automatically puts it beside your name, with a highlight that you are "consistently creating meaningful discussions with their posts".

If you want to "earn" one of these badges, you must not only create Facebook posts that a lot of people comment on, you must also "like" and comment on a lot of posts.

Another badge you can get next to your name in a Facebook group is the "Visual Storyteller" badge, which is when you regularly post images and videos that people like.

For a full explanation of all the new Facebook group badges, click here.

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