So word on the street is Valley Mall is considering using a portion of their parking lot for food trucks. If you were not aware, currently you can enjoy Soup R Dawgs every day in the Sear's portion of the parking lot. The menu changes daily so it's a good idea to follow them on Facebook for fresh updates on the specials. Today I tried the Dino Dog and sorry for the following but it was dino-mite!

Soup R Dawgs
Sarah Johnson

It was juicy and the bun had the perfect crunchiness with a bit of cream cheese. It's an amazing combo I haven't tasted since my college days. After dancing all night long we would grab hot dogs that had a touch of cream cheese and they were heaven. This Dino Dog is heaven. Thank you for the memories Soup R Dawgs. Anymore hot dog and you would be overly stuffed, any less and you would be left feeling unsatisfied. This is a new location for them and I have a feeling it just might stick.

I believe there's also a shaved ice truck that is there on occasion, perfect  as we wrap up the hot summer days and the latest addition is going to be a resident on Wednesdays and Thursdays with the possibility of expanding to more days. Milltown Wood Fired Pizza

Wood Fired Pizza Milltown

Delicious! I love thin crust and the menu features classics and even a breakfast pizza.You can create your own pizza, switch to a gluten free option when it comes to your dough, add breadsticks or better yet cheese sticks, cinnamon breadsticks or cookies.

There are a lot of delicious foods out there and I am always craving something new so the question is

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