Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack says what’s next for him remains to be seen.

It was reported last week that Vilsack is expected to take over as CEO of the U.S. Dairy Export Council once he leaves office. But Vilsack tells Brownfield that he hasn’t made final plans for the future yet because he’s focused and committed to the USDA.

President-elect Trump says he plans to make good on campaign promises to undo major parts of President Obama's regulatory agenda. But that could be heavy lifting for the executive branch, requiring a time-consuming process that could take months or years to complete.

So, many in the Ag and energy sectors are looking to Congress to block or kill enforcement of several rules. The surest, and quickest, way to repeal a rule is using the Congressional Review Act, a 21-year-old law that gives Congress a defined time period to vote down new regulations.


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