Are you Team Butter* In the Fridge or Team Countertop?

This question was asked by someone on Twitter which led to an article by Buzzfeed, and the debate spilled over into a Facebook group that I belong to. Let me tell you, the Facebook debate was vicious, and the conversation got so heated that people were threatening to lose friendships over this thing! I was sitting there reading the comments like, "Pass the popcorn!" I've included a few of the comments below, but have blurred out the names to protect the guilty.

"Put that sh** in the fridge! This ain't Little House On The Prairie!" - N.

"In Ireland, it's Kerrygold in a butter dish, or exile. No in between." - J.

"Fridge butter is how you end up with struggle toast. Ragged edges and holes in the middle." - R.

"Writing down [all the] names of people whose houses I don't need to eat at." - K.

"Y'all's grandmas used to keep butter on the counter. In fact, this is who I learned this from, one of my grannies." - U.

"Cold butter is useless." - S.

" If y'all want to rip your bread to shreds when you butter it, keep it in the fridge. I prefer mine room-temperature for easier spreading." - C. C.

"I don't even know you people. Butter belongs in the fridge." - M.

"I bet y'all don't refrigerate opened ketchup too. JESUS." - J.

"If you leave butter out I assume you like throwing money away." - C.

"I'm married to someone who leaves butter on the counter, I gave up on that fight years ago...Sometimes though If I'm mad I will put the butter in the fridge." - K.K.

"Butter goes in the [expletive redacted] fridge, dawg." - Unknown

What say you?

**The butter in question is the dairy product made from milk, not to be confused with the British nail polish company, butter London.

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