I have to tell you in the hot weather I am all over an iced sugar free caramel macchiato and in the winter it turns into a hot peppermint mocha but holy mother have you tried the cold brew? A bit of half and half with a touch of some sugar free syrup YES PLEASE!

I love it and am still trying to figure out which is my favorite way to enjoy it at home but the one thing I won't do when it comes to a coffee is wait in line when there are more than five cars in the drive through. You?

I am always curious why people would allow the butt of their car to stick out in traffic waiting for coffee. You are looking at me like I am out of line trying to get by when you are now blocking traffic at this point. Does it ruin the experience if you have to go inside?

Just curious the lengths you will go to achieve your favorite morning beverage.

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