You don't need to wait for Valentine's Day to visit a romantic spot in Washington state. In fact, it may not be wise due to cold weather and snow on the ground. TravelandLeisure listed the most romantic spot for all 50 states. Where do you think it is for Washington?

According to TravelandLeisure, the most romantic spot is Ruston Way in Tacoma, Washington.

Yes, Tacoma is home to the most romantic spot in Washington.

Wait, what?

Couples looking for a walk with a view on the west coast just need to head to Ruston Way for (practically) every type of landscape they could hope to gaze upon. From the boardwalk, couples can look out at the bay of Puget Sound and, if they turn around, it’s possible to see the peak of Mount Rainier rising over the city of Tacoma. Whoever said you can’t have it all just hadn’t found it all yet.

Ruston Way is on water leading towards Point Defiance Zoo and, yeah, if you haven't seen it for yourself it's understandable to be confused, but there you have it.

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