During the Super Bowl in Indianapolis, ‘Sports Illustrated’ photographer David Bergman created a stunning Gigipan photo of almost the entire interior of Lucas Oil Stadium. You can zoom in and out of the sprawling 1,721 megapixels image — much like you do on Google Earth — and see in high resolution detail just about everyone who was watching the game from the stands.

Well, the folks at Blame it on the Videos made an amazing discovery while playing around with this neat feature.

Waldo at Super Bowl

Waldo has been found. And why wouldn’t he be at the Super Bowl? Dude’s a globe trotting icon, and Indy was definitely the place for such types to be on Sunday.

Although for a guy whose specialty is blending in, maybe Waldo should’ve changed up the old outfit. It’s not that hard to spot him while he’s watching a game in which both teams’ supporters tend to dress in blue.

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