On the road to returning to normal, we will encounter new experiences – like wearing a mandatory mask before going into stores. It’s one of the many things The "COVID Experience" has brought us.

Concern In China As Mystery Virus Spreads

In an on-going battle of serving their clients versus customer safety, one of the things to considered is - do you require patrons to wear a mask BEFORE coming through the doors?

For major some Yakima retailers, that may be the case.

Safeway in Oregon and southwest Washington stores along with Fred Meyer stores, require that ALL employees wear a cloth mask at work.

Austria Requires Supermarket Shoppers To Wear Protective Masks

However, Costco in Union Gap just upped their game. They just announced their new mask policy – which requires ALL CUSTOMERS to wear a mask BEFORE they enter their stores. The Costco company /storewide wide policy starts Monday May 4th. That means EVERYONE in the store will be required masks - employees AND customers.

Safeway Posts Larger Than Expected Q2 Profit

This is obviously a developing story. We’ll update you to any changes to policies made that will affect you.

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