When Nancy Davis, a second-grade teacher at Whitney Elementary School in Yakima, found out she needed eye surgery from cancer and that she'd have to wear an eye patch once school started, she made the best of it. This video shows how Mrs. Davis turned to Cap'n Davis.

My daughters go to Whitney Elementary School, but they don't have Mrs. Davis. When I saw her wearing a pirate costume in the first week, I thought to myself, "Oh, that's nice! She's dressed in costume to make the kids feel welcome." It wasn't until I saw her a few weeks later, still in costume, that I realized there was something else going on.

Another teacher casually told me that Mrs. Davis had to wear an eye patch as she had skin cancer and needed to have her eye sewn shut. But, as Mrs. Davis told me later, "When life gives you lemons ..."

This video was shot earlier this year. Mrs. Davis has since hung up her pirate hat, but I think this is a great approach to anyone who has to go through something similar. Make the most of any situation and have fun while you're at it.

Mrs. Davis never asked for a pity party. Instead, she decided to just have a party.