As graduation approaches and the graduates get ready to throw off the cap and gown, I'm reminded that you never know what could possibly become of one of your classmates. This is the story of one of my former classmates.

A few years back, being a Star Trek fan and watching Deep Space Nine...I started seeing episodes written by Bryan Fuller.

I shrugged it off with curiosity remembering that I had gone to school with "a" Bryan Fuller.

As social media has allowed us to reconnect with former classmates and power of the internet to track down them down, sometimes you'd be surprised on what you find out about your former high school alumni friends.

Bryan has gone from my hometown of Clarkston Washington to Los Angeles and is currently in the process of remaking the old 60's TV show "The Munsters" as creator/writer of the new show "Mockingbird Lane". They just announced that Jerry O'Connell will play Herman Munster in the remake.

He's been making waves for years in Hollywood after having attended film school at USC.

He created the TV series "Pushing Daisies" and "Dead Like Me" and also wrote/produced an episode of Heroes that  TV Guide named an episode "Company Man" as one of the 100 greatest in television history.

As the graduates wind down their high school careers, the future is wide open and you never who your own child or the kid next to them will become after high school.