The Yakima County Sheriff's Office has announced the 2022 Citizen's Academy and registration is now open! If you are concerned about what goes on in our city, your city this is a free opportunity to get involved, get answers and ask questions.

Is There a Deadline?

Apply Now for Your Spot in Yakima County's Citizens Academy

You'll need to apply by August 19th, classes begin on August 30th, 2022 for anyone 18 years of age and older

The Citizens Academy is a twelve-week program designed to educate community members about law enforcement, the criminal justice system, the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office, how the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office operates and to allow an opportunity for discussion and better communication between the citizens and the Deputies.

The Basics

  • Tuesday evening classes from 6 pm - 8:30 pm with one Saturday class
  • In order to graduate, you must attend at least nine of the twelve classes

What is Covered?

The history of the Sheriff's Office and

  • internet safety
  • domestic violence
  • child abuse
  • use of force
  • major crimes and investigations
  • narcotics
  • evidence
  • search and rescue
  • gangs, patrol
  • traffic enforcement
  • public relations
  • crime prevention
  • records keeping
  • dispatch and much more
  • opportunity to meet and interact with K-9 units
  • ride along with a deputy
  • YSO evidence warehouse and other buildings
  • sit with a dispatcher
  • safely use firearms

What Happens on the Saturday Class?

During Mock Scene Day students in the Academy will be able to experience making split-second decisions. The purpose of a Mock Scene Day is for citizens to be able to understand what a deputy experiences each day they call into service.

Concerned About What Goes on Around Here?

If you use social media you know people love to air their issues and with this class under your belt, you can become part of making a safer more educated area to live in.

We've Got Problems People

This area suffers from major issues with domestic violence, gangs, child abuse, missing and murdered indigenous, drugs, trafficking, and beyond. Serious issues that need as many eyes and ears on them as possible and this isn't the only place these things happen so the problem will always remain but that doesn't mean we can't protect as many people as we can while we're here. The time will pass anyway, we might as well spend it doing some good in our own neighborhoods.

Yakima County Sheriffs Office

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