**Warning: Season 4 Spoiler Alerts**

Courtesy of Youtube
Courtesy of Youtube

Season 4 of the TV show Scandal is going to be on Netflix this June, and boy, oh boy, went out with a bang, and I cannot wait until Season 5 begins again this fall!

I wonder if Jake will ever find love (because he certainly isn't going to get any more nookie from Olivia Pope)! It's too bad that he got nearly shanked to death by Russell. (It's also too bad that Russell got the ol' heave ho death-by-bullets from Papa Pope!)

I also wonder if that last scene of "Olitz" reunited was just President Fitz having a great  dream. Wasn't it trippy how the President just up and kicked Mellie out of the White House? My mouth dropped to the floor. I definitely was NOT expecting that! And how about that shocker of when Fitz fired Cyrus?!

Oh. My. Gosh.

Now that Mama Pope is a free woman, will she come back to haunt a.k.a. get rid of her daughter, Olivia? What about Huck and Quinn? There's no way that she will actually pull the trigger and kill him for selling out, right?

The most burning question is what will Papa Pope do to Olivia now that we know that he is only living to ruin her life (and kill off everyone that she loves)?

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