Update: Hogback confirmed this to be true.

Rumors are flying that a hotel is going into the old Montgomery Ward area. If true, it will change the landscape of the neighborhood.
Many are mocking the idea, but I think it's a fabulous plan for several reasons.

It all started when Hogback posted this.

Shortly thereafter, the Yakima Herald-Republic posted the scoop.

The comments are a little polarizing, but I think it's a good idea to have a hotel right there. First of all, there isn't a hotel anywhere in the area. Most of the hotels are by the highway, traditionally. This makes visiting family and friends who live more in-town a lot easier.

It's also very close to the airport. It's just down the road, in fact.

It's also just down the road from the Sozo Sports Complex, so people traveling from out of town could crash here without having to travel too far.

The convenience of the area combined with all of the restaurants and shops in the area, those businesses would also benefit from having a hotel on the corner of 24th Avenue and Nob Hill Boulevard.

I'm not looking forward to more traffic in that area, but maybe some roadwork will also be done to help with that. We'll see.

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