Yesterday evening around 7:30, I was settling in for the night and getting ready to watch my Thursday night shows, "Scandal" and "How to Get Away With Murder."

I was sitting up in my bed with a glass of wine (sangria) and all my comfy pillows on my lap. But I had the munchies. I needed something to quench my hunger pangs: some delicious Chinese Food!

But then I remembered that nobody in Yakima delivers Chinese food.

What kind of Yakima nonsense is that?! Are we living in the Twilight Zone?

I even took to Facebook to ask my FB friends if they knew of any place that would deliver Chinese food.

I got people telling me that the only places that deliver food in Yakima are a few pizza joints, a Greek restaurant and a couple of sandwich shops.

I even had one friend who replied back that I should jump in my car and bring HER over some Panda Express! LMAO. No thank you!

When is Yakima going to get a Chinese restaurant that delivers in the evenings?

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