Oh sweet baby Jesus my palms just started to sweat. I am sure when you were little there were some scary movies that almost broke you. One of them was The Shining. My best friend and I attempted MULTIPLE times to watch and finish the movie....just couldn't do it!

I was pretty sheltered when I was little when it came to R rated films but one time I was hanging at my cousins house and witnessed my most terrifying childhood movie memory. The first time I watched the movie Candyman! I was 10 and to this day I still remember exactly what happened.

Want a little background on just who this Candyman is and WHY I am freaking out? CLICK HERE There is a buzz about town connecting Candyman and the movie Get Out! Have you seen that one?

It's crazy good. Dark and twisted and it all comes from the mind of comedian, writer and director Jordan Peele. Rumors are circling that NOT ONLY is he taking on a Twilight Zone revival he is considering doing a remake of Candyman! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

After watching Candyman at the tender age of 10, I don't remember telling my parents because I didn't want to get into trouble but what I do remember is staying at my Grandma's house that night, with a full length mirror on the the door I was in. Once I turned off the light I stayed awake ALL NIGHT. Why did there have to be a mirror there!? I never said his name out loud but I was CONVINCED he was going to get me! What if he heard me saying it silently in my head! aaah! He didn't visit, thank goodness but OMG! hahaha

Being that Halloween is just a little more than a month away I would LOVE to know what your favorite scary movies are :)

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