What's that saying? "I did it for the gram" Well that saying needs to move on over because now it's all about the Tik to the Tok!

Jason Derulo has some pretty fancy TikToks, for how ripped he is he sure loves to post crazy food videos.

Family time is the right time to splurge on the goodies and I will post more of his crazy food creations below but right now we're speaking on the video that's currently trending on TikTok and social media in general.

Will Smith assisting Jason with golf lessons and it doesn't end well.

It starts off with Jason teeing up and Will behind him checking the posture, Jason pulls back and smacks Will right in the mouth. Instantly hands are up and then he shows off his toothless mouth to the camera! This app is SO much fun and Jason seems to have the in on special things the app can do...like make it look like your teeth got knocked out!

If you need to cool off this Watermelon Slushie looks like perfection

He must have taken out the Marshmellow man for this one!

When watching a movie you gotta have some popcorn but Jason doesn't just throw it in the microwave. Oh no, too boring for this guy!

Apparently his sweet tooth is real and cotton candy is his jam!

The sweets extend past cotton candy and enter the world of cereal. Yes, please.

He reached 22 million followers and celebrate with many, many hamburgers.

Again with the treats


I absolutely love watching food videos on TikTok, so many crazy hacks. Some work, some don't but all enjoyable to see other people try.

Thank goodness Will's good, Jason's teeth on the other hand...well you better be brushing and flossing cause that sugar could do what you did to Will's mouth hahaha

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