KFFM and Fox 41 has the coolest deal for you and all we want you to do is watch,listen and win to get a $1000 prize package from American Airlines and Hyatt tomorrow on the Morning Maddhouse show

107-3 KFFM and Fox 41 are giving you a chance to get away with Fox Monday! Watch and Win this coming Monday to Bones and The Following and get yourself a $1000 total prize package from American Airlines and Hyatt ---- travel on us --- but you have to watch --- listen ---and win on Tuesday April 30th with the KFFM Morning Maddhouse!

The KFFM Maddhouse will ask a trivia question about the secret location included in the previous night’s Bones and The Following episodes. All you have to do is watch and see the secret location scroll across the screen. All you have to do tomorrow morning is be the 107th caller at 972-1073 with the correct answer will win a $1000 gift package that includes gift cards from American Airlines and Hyatt.

The new Kevin Bacon show The Following is awesome --- check out a clip from the show and catch up on all things Bones and The Following at www.fox.com


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