As a young 8-yr old kid I picked up my first comic book and the action and colors exploded off the pages

Today is the 75th birthday of Superman who was first appearance in 1938 spurred the explosion of super-heroes ever since.

There had been costumed heroes like Zorro and The Phantom before Superman but Superman's creation set the stage for the SUPER-powered hero. He was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster --- two kids from Cleveland Ohio and had several slow starts until DC comics (then known as National Periodicals) published the first issue of Action Comics. Batman soon followed in 1939 in Detective Comics --- what the DC in DC really stands for -- and the golden age of comics was on.

I remember being 8 yrs old and buying Superman #320 and from then I've been a life-long collector of comic books. Superman was my first and a love for the medium grew from there. People would be surprised to discover that even with my vast collection and some of my books being valuable --- this Superman comic is worth about 5 bucks but in my collection -- it's priceless.

Happy Birthday Supes!!



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