One of the main reasons people watch the Super Bowl isn't necessarily for the football game, itself. It's for the commercials. These companies spend millions of dollars on making sure their product is in the face of the millions of people watching the game. Unfortunately, their brilliant ideas may fall short. Here are some of the worst Super Bowl commercials from recent history.

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    This slightly racist ad for featured pandas endorsing a website that gives you sales leads. The lame attempt at cashing in on the anime explosion we suffered in the late 00's made this commercial memorable, but not in a good way.

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    Just For Feet

    In another 'Is it Racist?' moment, Just For Feet ran this commercial that featured Kenya as it's backdrop. This specific commercial received a lot of negative publicity making this company wish they thought of something else to give you a better lasting impression.

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    Trying to match the success of the previous year's Apple commercial, this was Apple saying that mankind were all 'lemmings', doing whatever everyone else is doing, but telling you to break the mold and check out Apple's product, the new Macintosh Office. Oddly enough, times have changed and now it seems like all Apple users are the ones who are lemmings (myself, included).

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    Burger King

    Who is Herb? Are we all "Herbs?" Is there a fictional character named Herb that we're suppose to love and appreciate? In this classic Burger King commercial, they're looking for "Herb" as he's the only one who has never tasted the flame broiled taste of a Burger King burger. I love Burger King, but it was never because of this commercial.

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    As this commercial even implies in it's first opening statement, this is the worst commercial on the Super Bowl. They intentionally made this so it would stand out in a bad way, but in a good way. Yeah, it's tough to wrap my head around, too, but they were right about thing. This was the worst commercial on the Super Bowl.

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    Nuveen Investments

    This commercial is extremely creepy and, to be honest, I'm slightly offended. With the overall statement of, "in the future, some amazing things will happen in this world," this commercial features a walking Christopher Reeve after he was paralyzed from the neck down. It certainly makes a statement and an impact, but I think they could've done this in another way that didn't feature a walking Christopher Reeve. Could you imagine if they did the same commercial but featured Walt Disney's head being frozen and reanimated on a new body? Just creepy.