Yakima County Sheriff's Deputies are investigating two fatality crashes reported in the lower Yakima valley this week. The first happened on Monday night at the intersection of Fort Road and Becker Road. When authorities arrived they found the driver of a Mustang was traveling north on Becker Rd and failed to stop at the posted stop sign at Fort Road.

Authorities say they found one person dead in the first crash

The other driver of a Mitsubishi Galant was traveling west on Fort Rd. The Galant struck the right front passenger door of the Mustang. Inside the Mustang Deputies found a 33-year-old female who was "dead in the right front passenger seat. There was a 30-year-old female in the back seat who had critical injuries. The driver was a 36-year-old female who also had extensive injuries. The two females were transported to Yakima Memorial Hospital via ambulance. All three of the females are enrolled Yakama Nation members." The Mitsubishi Galant was being operated by a 30-year-old male from Toppenish and there were three children with him. The children were not seriously hurt. The driver was taken to a hospital in Toppenish. The crash remains under investigation.

The second fatality crash was reported on Tuesday in which two died

That was Monday night. On Tuesday Yakima County Sheriff's Deputies were called to a two-vehicle fatality reported at the intersection of Progressive Road and S. Wapato Road. Authorities say the driver of a red 1998 Ford Mustang was traveling east on Progressive Road towards the stop sign. Another driver of a red 2013 Dodge Ram  was traveling north on South Wapato Road. Deputies say the Mustang failed to stop for the posted stop sign and the Dodge hit the passenger side door. Two people in the Mustang died at the scene of the crash. The driver of the Dodge was taken to a local hospital with injuries. We don't know her condition. No identities have been released in either crash.

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