The Yakima County Sheriff's Office is warning a scammer is trying to impersonate a Sergeant in the office.
Sheriff's officials say the scammer is calling people in Yakima saying he's Sgt. William Boyer. They say "Fake Boyer" is leaving voicemails saying he'd like to talk to you about an ongoing legal matter. If you call back the number you risk becoming a victim of a scam.
Sheriff's officials say law enforcement would never call people to ask for money in anyway. They would also never call you about warrants, jury duty or ask you to pay a fine with gift cards from apple or target or any other retailer. Authorities say don't fall for "Fake Boyers" scare tactics.

The scammers target elderly people in Yakima and it's working

Imposter scams have been popular lately because people, especially older people become very concerned, even scared and respond to take care of the matter.
In fact last month the sheriff's office warned of a similar scam;

Authorities say the scammer calls and identifies himself as Sergeant Carl Hendrickson in an effort that you'll give him financial or other information. Sheriff's officials say the scammer calls people leaving a voicemail like this;
‘You have reached the confidential mailbox of Sergeant Carl Hendrickson, if this is an emergency please hang up and dial 911, if not please leave a brief message with your name and phone number and a brief message and I’ll return your call at my earliest convenience.  Thanks, and have a blessed day.”

If you get the voicemail just ignore it

Sheriff's officials say it's not Sergeant Carl Hendrickson so don't respond to the voicemail. They're calling him "fake Carl."
They say “Fake Carl”, wants to discuss important court documents and calls from the number (509)653-0668.
Deputies say "don’t fall for whatever “Fake Carl” or "Fake Boyer" want. They probably want money, gift cards, or Green Dot cards."
If you need the Yakima County Sheriff's Office contact the office at 509-574-2500.

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