If you are an avid recycler in Yakima you know it's been frustrating not having a place to recycle Styrofoam. However it's no longer a problem because Yakima's DTG Recycle, at the old Anderson Rock & Demo Pit location, recently announced new mattress and Styrofoam recycling programs. DTG Recycle officials say Styrofoam has been added to the free community recycle drop box area. After you drop off your Styrofoam it's shredded "put in a densifier, heated and extruded into ingots. The ingots are then sent off and turned into items such as picture frames, fence posts and curb stops." You're encouraged to pre-package the Styrofoam to make it easier to recycle.

You can now recycle your mattresses instead of going to the landfill

DTG Recycle has also started a mattress recycling program.
Officials at the DTG recycling say they recycle more than 90 percent of a mattress which is then disassembled and sorted by hand. They say they process anywhere from 60-90 mattresses per day. Oddly enough the wood frames are ground up and mixed into Hog Fuel. The metal springs with scrap metal and the foam is baled and shipped to vendors to use in their manufacturing process of new products. DTG officials say they'll recycle all types of mattresses and box springs for a per-item charge.

The company is located on Rocky Top Road

A news release says DTG Recycle collects and processes waste, and manufactures innovative products from recovered materials. The business is located at 41 Rocky Top Road in Yakima.

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