It only comes around once a year, but honestly we could ALL make a bigger effort to help clean up our world EVERY DAY! Just a thought to marinate on moving forward because Sunday (April 22) is Earth Day! :) What are your plans for the day? Oh, you don't have any? Well see below for different events you can get into :)

  1. State Parks in Washington State will be FREE on Sunday for Earth Day CLICK HERE for details on the Discovery Pass website.
  2. FREE entrance into National Parks Saturday April for the kickoff of National Parks Week.
  3. Staples is inviting you from now until April 28 to bring in your broken or damaged electronics to recycle, up to 50 pounds and you could receive rewards (become a member for free).
  4. MAC Cosmetics accepts returns of its primary packaging through it's back to mac program. When you return six MAC primary packaging containers to any MAC counter (like Macy's) you'll receive a FREE MAC lipstick.
  5. Head on down to your local recycling place and find out how you can save energy and money this year for Yakima CLICK HERE.
  6. Make an effort to turn off lights and electronics when leaving the room or house
  7. Turn off the water when you are brushing your teeth and try to cut down on shower times as well.
  8. Purchase a reusable water bottle instead of buying plastic water bottles
  9. When taking the plastic holders off of six packs of bottles and cans make an effort to cut each holder so if for some reason it doesn't make it in a landfill at least it won't get wrapped around the neck or leg of a innocent critter out in the wild.
  10. Learn how to compost.

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