It is an older trick, but it looks that its hit Yakima. Money under your windshield wiper. What does it mean? At first glance, you may think someone dinged your car and left a note. Maybe someone thought you were attractive and did the whole grade school “check yes or no” note passing. Maybe a good Samaritan found the money outside your car and thought you dropped it, and put it there to return it. I’ve heard of this scheme before, but had never experienced it (myself or someone I know) until recently. I wish it was a friendly action, but it looks to be more nefarious.

Posted on the WTF Just Happened in Yakima? Facebook group, Janice Owen experienced just that.

“Found this under my passenger wiper on my car today. I was parked at Meadow Brook parking lot. Has anyone else received anything like this???“ – Janice Owen


Janice’s dollar had an actual phone number on it, which other members of the Facebook group decided to call it. Some used different apps to trace the owner of the number. Others say that the number works but has a voicemail that’s not set up. Group member, Jesse Renteria, mentions how the number is disconnected or a fake because “the number is no longer in service.

What Should You Do If You Find A Dollar Under Your Windshield?

Janel Emede’s post in the topic’s thread seems to hit the nail on the head when it comes to the dollar windshield wiper trick:

“There are a lot of places online that tell you if you find cash on your windshield to get in your car and immediately leave! Otherwise you may be the victim of a crime… robbery, carjacking, etc.” – Janel Emede

Some people and sites say to call the police. I recommend getting into your car and getting out of potential harm’s way first. If you’ve experienced the dollar under the windshield wiper racket, tap the App and let us know what you did and where you experienced it. Be safe out there.

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