I stumbled across a video on YouTube simply labeled "Yakima Fights." My curiosity got the best of me so I clicked on it to see two people at Franklin Park, along with a few friendly bystanders, waiting to see a fight. What threw me off was how cordial they all were, especially the fighters, toward each other. I, honestly, was thinking I'd see a fake, choreographed fight, but what I got instead where real punches thrown to the face and ribs, headlocks and more that I would expect to see in a UFC ring, not in a public setting.

From that video, many others were suggested on the same topic -- non-sanctioned fights out in public in Yakima, and many of the videos included kids as young as middle-school age.

With the videos listed below, you'll see violence and hear some harsh language with plenty of swearing and inappropriate terms. There are more videos of this on YouTube I'll share a couple of them just so you can see what I saw.

Of course there are plenty more and there are some where the fighting was in a fit of rage, not just for sportsmanship (if you can call it that. Most are done in public but there are some done in a restroom, of all places.

What do you think? Do you think this type of stuff is fine so long as they're both on the same page for fighting for the sake of fun or is this something that shouldn't happen anywhere for any reason? Take the poll and let us know.

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