Thanksgiving in Yakima is breathtaking, the weather, the fall leaves, the colors, you name it Yakima has it. So what are we missing in the Yakima Valley this Thanksgiving? Honestly not much, but how cool would it be to have some popular faces sitting around our table?

Instead of doing the regular Celebrities, we'd wanna have at our table we decided to do Internet Celebrities. I know what you're thinking, why would you want someone who has 15 mins of fame? Well, we're choosing the best of the best of these internet celebs and picking the ones that will live on in our hearts and in the back of our heads for life.

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Who qualifies for an Internet Celeb?

Well, they say fifteen minutes of fame a lot when it comes to these types of celebrities, but we're going with the ones we think could last a lifetime if they really put their mind to it, we'll also have some that just did something hilarious and we'd kill to have at our Thanksgiving Dinner. So Let's dive into it.

4.) Guy Fieri

Some would argue he's not internet famous, but let's be real, Guy's notoriety wasn't as big as it was, with only the older crowd and some younger people watching him. stuff it wasn't until he rebranded on the internet and became a sensation on Facebook, Youtube, and TikTok as a meme did his fame skyrocket once again, and rightfully so. Besides he can handle all the work when it comes to the Thanksgiving dinner, who wouldn't want Guy's turkey and stuffing?


3.) Bhad Bhabie

You may not remember the name but you'll remember the catchphrase, "Catch me outside how bow dat?" That's right the girl from Doctor Phil! Let's be honest, thanksgiving isn't Thanksgiving until your overly political Uncle makes some weird comments about someone in the family, so let Bhad Bhabie handle it outside. Let's be honest, she'll fit right in with the Yakima Valley.


2.) Ninja The Fortnite Streamer

Some would ask why we would even put him on the list, but hey your little nieces and nephews absolutely adore this guy and how good he is at videogames, so distract them this Thanksgiving with Ninja giving you all the time in the world to sit back, sip wine, enjoy dinner and have adult conversations for the night.


1.) Corn Kid 

What Thanksgiving can be complete without the Corn Kid? It's Corn! Obviously, you have to serve up some corn on Thanksgiving it's a staple to the meal. Who better to judge your corn dishes than the kid who probably made millions off of the internet just by saying how much he loves those big lumps of knobs that have the juice?

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