Wanna be in a movie? This might be your chance!

Rick Castaneda, director of Cement Suitcase, is bringing his director's chair back to Yakima to film a new movie, All Sorts, and he's looking for actors and actresses!

A quick bit about the film:

Through a secret door behind the office vending machine, a lonely data entry clerk named Diego finds the magical world of championship folder filing. As he coaches his talented coworker June in the competition, the two begin to fall in love ... but do they really have a shot, or are they just fooling themselves?

Rick is looking to put together an all-star team for this movie project. If you're interested in being in his film, or helping with the crew, you can get all the info you need from the All Sorts website.

Auditions are this Saturday (Dec. 9).

About the director: He's originally from Granger and graduated from USC with a minor in film, majoring in creative writing. He has directed videos for Imagine Dragons, LEGO, MSN and even Disney. The Yakima Valley is his home and he's looking forward to filming another movie in our location.

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