After the snow and ice started melting in Yakima, some roads had some severe potholes. Thanks to our wonderful road crew, many of these were patched up pretty quickly. The problem is, they were filled, but not flattened. Not properly anyways. And, a month later, it doesn't look like anyone is coming back to finish the job.

I don't know the cost of things or how labor-intensive it is, but I don't like the idea of driving over a dirt and rock filled section of road. Can't they lay the materials down and use a steamroller to flatten it out?

I feel especially bad for our friends who ride motorcycles and scooters now that the sun is shining a little more. This is dangerous terrain for them to be traveling on.

Sure, I'm happy they at least filled the holes to prevent them from getting worse, but I'm still driving on gravel every day.

Please give me some insight on why the road crews only do half the job, but then us ruin our cars tires and shocks and, ultimately, our safety by driving over these halfway-fixed spots on our roads.

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