There's a restaurant in the food court at Seattle Center that serves meat pies. It's a concept I didn't think much of from a distances, but when curiosity told me to come closer, I just had to try one. I'm glad I did!

The premise of Premier Meat Pies is very simple -- a lot of high quality meat pies of various fillings and all at great prices. I bought two, as photoed. One was a steak and mushroom pie which was to die for and, because I just had to try it, I bought a mac 'n cheese meat pie for later. I ended up having it the next day and it, too, was excellent.

Other flavors included chicken pot pie, a Scottish style and even had fruit pies. I'll try all of those next time.

Such an easy concept that can be done with almost any filling and, yet, someone hasn't capitalized on this craze just yet.

So, if you want to start a unique business to Yakima and don't know the right route, might I recommend going the meat pie route. I'll be there every day!

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