A Yakima Police Department Corrections Officer attacked and seriously injured by an inmate last month has been released from Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. You can still donate to help the officer and his family.

Officer Opsahl faces more surgeries after being released from Harborview

Capt. Jay Seely says Officer Ed Opsahl is now staying with friends while awaiting more surgeries on his eyes to help his vision. Opsahl was injured November 11 when he entered the cell of a 37-year-old inmate to serve the inmate a meal. Police say the inmate violently assaulted officer Opsahl  knocking him unconscious. A press release at the time of the assault says "the suspect was encountered by the first responding officer at which point the suspect would not comply with orders to surrender and force was used to take him into custody. In taking the suspect into custody, responding officers found the victim Officer unconscious inside the cell."

You can still help by donating at Wheatland Bank in Yakima

The 37-year-old suspect was booked into the Yakima County Jail on assault charges. The Yakima Police Internal Affairs Unit is leading the investigation into this incident. Still no word on what the motive was in the attack.
The Yakima Police Corrections division has set up an account with Wheatland Bank https://wheatland.bank/locations/yakima/. The bank continues to accept donations on behalf of Corrections Officer Ed Opsahl and his family.

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