Yakima city officials hope to improve lighting and safety at city parks through a new partnership with the Rotary Clubs of Yakima. On Tuesday the Yakima City Council passed a resolution that "authorized" the agreement. City officials say the clubs want to donate funds up to $130,000 to the Yakima Parks and Recreation Division to shed more light on some specific parks in the city. A press release from the City of Yakima says the clubs are willing to contribute funding for the design and installation of "lighting at Kiwanis Park skate park and basketball courts, Chesterley Park skate park, and Randall Park basketball courts."

If more money is needed the clubs say they'll donate more money

Lighting in some of the parks will remain and the clubs will make money available for "additional lighting will enhance security and extend the hours of available use and enjoyment of the parks."
City officials say the agreement also allows the clubs to spend more if more improvements are needed.

The new lighting will extend hours in the parks

The press release says the Rotary Clubs will help the City in the planning and site development of the lighting, and help in selecting the contractor to perform the design and installation.
The donation was discussed at the October 12 Yakima Park and Recreation Commission meeting and the Park and Recreation Commissioners unanimously  supported the investment in the park system to "increase the hours of recreational use at each of the facilities."

You can be there live or watch the meetings on Zoom

Every week a Council packet is available for review at the City Clerk's Office and on-line at www.yakimawa.gov. The City provides special accommodations, such as hearing devices, wheelchair space or language interpreters, for City meetings. Anyone needing special assistance please contact the City Clerk's office at (509) 575-6037 at least two business days prior to the meeting. All meetings are live streamed on the City of Yakima website at www.yakimawa.gov and telecast live on Y-PAC, Spectrum Cable Channel 194.

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