They are wizards with the scissors, a bottle of hair color, or a box of hair foil.

They can make you look like a million bucks.

They are Yakima Valley hairstylists!

They see us on our worst bad hair days and within hours can turn us into beaming Cinderellas and handsome Prince Charmings. They magically hide our gray hair or give us a whole new hair color and maybe some fabulous highlights, or they give us a new style that has people's tongues wagging and heads turning! They are our favorite Yakima Valley hairstylists!

We, however, are searching for the best of the best for 2017. Nominate your favorite Yakima Valley hairstylist!

UPDATE: Due to the large number of entries we are receiving, we have extended the nominations to April 3rd! We couldn't believe how big the response was! We've gotten over 150 nominations of hair stylists from over 60 salons in the Yakima Valley!

Next, our KFFM listeners will vote from Tuesday, April 4th through Thursday, April 6th. The stylist with the most votes will be declared the winner on April 7th.

The winning hairstylist will receive a trophy, a cool certificate to hang above their stylist chair, and ultimately possess supreme bragging rights as Yakima Valley's Favorite Hair Stylist 2017!

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