You've done it again Yakima Valley! We asked you to help us inspire some much needed holiday cheer in our neighborhoods and streets with a call to LIGHT UP YAKIMA - and many of you answered the call! Thanks to our partners at Coca Cola of Yakima and Tri-Cities, we were able to add a little cash incentive to get you up the ladder!

It was a most difficult task to pick only one winner, among all of the fabulous, spirited entries we received. So much effort, so much creativity, so many lights! But a selection had to be made - and here it is:

Photo Courtesy - Drew Barber - 7301 Perry Street in Yakima!

Congratulations to Drew Barber of Yakima who submitted this photo of an incredibly festooned home with a creative assortment of lights, color, features, and an all-encompassing array of exceptional holiday spirit and cheer!

Drew gets a $500 Visa Gift Card to spend however he wants - but I'm thinking that putting it toward his electrical bill might not be a bad idea! Thanks again to our sponsor: Coca Cola of Yakima and Tri-Cities!

Check out this gallery of some of the amazing entries!

Great job on the tree!
Obviously a labor of love of Christmas on this one! Bravo!
Entering into the holidays!
Brightening up the neighborhood!
This one needs to be on the lights tour map for sure!
Great job! Well worth the efforts!
Lit up for the holidays!
A festive wonderland!
From the outside looking into the warmth of the holidays!
Bright and festive!
LOVE. That says it all!
Looking a lot like Christmas!
Go Hawks!
Wow! Just, wow!
The reindeer stop to admire this entry!
Nice combination of lights and décor!
Warm Colors. Very inviting.
Ho Ho Home for Christmas!
Elegant simplicity!
Archway to the holidays!
Christmas time is here!
Love the green!

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