Yakima's Childrens' Village recently celebrated 25-years helping kids with special health care needs in the Yakima Valley. As a way to celebrate the Memorial Foundation has kicked off a new Children’s Health and Medical Programs (CHAMPS) capital campaign to improve children’s health programs throughout the valley.

The campaign will fund new equipment to save lives in Yakima

Foundation officials say the CHAMPS campaign will bring more specialty clinics to Children’s Village, expand the Children’s Village building to serve more children, and upgrade the labor and delivery facilities at Yakima Valley Memorial’s Family Birthplace.
So far the capital campaign has raised over $9 million, with a goal of raising $15 million by summer of 2023.

The CHAMPS program is designed to help in a variety of ways

A press release says foundation officials say CHAMPS has three goals to give families more services and access to care in Central Washington:

Increase medical pediatric specialty clinics; this allows Children’s Village to offer more medical clinics and developmental therapies to children with disabilities.
Update the Family Birthplace; this department was last updated thirty years ago and will now receive state-of-the-art equipment and other critical improvements.
Expand Children’s Village; nearly 900 children are on the waitlist. This expansion will increase the number of clinic rooms and staff to serve an addition 1,000 children    per year. “The CHAMPS campaign will significantly impact the way we can serve children and their families,” says Laura Crooks, CEO of Children’s Village. “Once the campaign is fully funded, thousands of children in the community will have access to more specialty care services, which will help them live their fullest lives.”

You can help on Friday during the CMN Radiothon on KIT from 6 to 6

CHAMPS needs to raise an additional $6 million and are calling on community assistance. You can learn more about the campaign at champscampaign.org.

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