A child's creative mind should be allowed to roam freely, but not when it comes to testing their Picasso skills on a foreign sports car. YG was a recent victim of this act done by his daughter, Harmony, who drew on his Lamborghini, which he made her clean off.

On Monday (July 19), the Compton-bred rapper shared a picture on his Instagram Story of what appears to be some sort of purple crayon or marker scribble drawing on the side of his all-white Lambo.

He captioned the image: "My daughter got me fucked up. How she disrespect the Lamborghini like that."

yg via Instagram

The following hour, YG posted a boomerang clip of his daughter using what appears to be a paper towel or rag to clean up the drawing she made on her dad's whip.

"Clean up," the 31-year-old rhymer typed on the short video, including laughing and heart eyes emojis. "Clean up."

yg via Instagram

YG's Lamborghini looks to be the Aventura model, which starts at around $400,000 for the 2020 version.

Back in April, the "Perfect Timing" artist decked out his whip with flames for a week to promote his Flame sneakers from his 4Hunnid shoe collection with help from RDB LA Auto Center owner Vik Tchalikian. "We’ve wrapped it a few times," Tchalikian said at the time. "We wrapped all these flames all over it. I know we’re gonna get a lot of comments about it. I think it looks pretty cool."

YG's daughter "redecorating" his whip and cleaning off her artwork comes about two months after he released Kommunity Service, his joint album with Mozzy.

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