Pickleball has become a crazy popular sport around the United States and in Yakima. The sport in the valley has exploded over the last five years with the city of Yakima creating pickleball courts at Franklin Park and indoor pickleball play at the Yakima Tennis Club. Now there's a new wrinkle to playing the sport it's called nude pickleball. Resorts around the country are now finding a lot of nudists want to play pickleball.

Local pickleball players love the sport but some aren't interested in doing it nude

Clothing optional resorts are now attracting people while building new facilities to deal with the increase in customers.
So far however there's no plan to open a clothing optional pickleball facility in Yakima. At least not yet. But people are playing at nudist resorts in the state.
KIT's Robert Vickers is an avid pickleball player at the Yakima Tennis Club who says he's not interested in the clothing optional pickleball. "No one wants to see me or any others play pickleball without clothes." If you're interested in pickleball in general with clothing check the Facebook page of the club. https://www.facebook.com/groups/yakimapickleballclub

Have you ever been to a nude resort in Washington?

While there may not be a big demand from people wanting to watch nude pickleball sports officials say nude pickleball is beating the pants off of the competition.
If this article has made you think about where you could play without clothes check out Lake Bronson Family Nudist Park in Sultan Washington.
The website says "if you need a break from lounging and don't feel like exploring the trails (there's bears and cougars out there!), we have a tennis pickle ball, and basketball court, a beach volleyball court, a regulation horseshoe pit, badminton area, a shuffleboard court, a disc golf course, and even a human-sized foosball court. No need to bring your equipment, there's plenty here to use while you're our guest. Should the weather turn inclement, we have two pool tables in the lodge, and a detached recreation center with foosball, air hockey, ping pong, and lots of puzzles and board games." And you can do it all without clothing with the entire family. Check out the club at https://www.lakebronson.com/

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