If you have an ebook reader like a Kindle, there's a chance you might have extra credits you can cash in for your Kindle that you didn't even know about and, what's more, it expires Saturday. Better use it or lose it!

Thanks to inc.com for clueing my wife in onto this as she loves her Kindle. She tried it and it turns out she had almost $100 in credit. The value may change from person to person, but see if you have extra money to spend on ebooks and more! Who knows, maybe you have some credit waiting for you and you didn't even know it.

  • First go to this specific Amazon page for Information for 2016 Apple eBooks Antitrust Settlement.
    You might need to be signed in.
  • You'll see Total Credit, Unused Credit and Expiry Date.
  • If you know you've bought eBooks but aren't seeing anything, you may need to sign out and sign back in under a different log-in. Especially if you have a different email address.
  • That's really it! Check, just in case, and see if you have credits waiting for you. They expire soon so better start buying anything before it goes away for ever!

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