Yakima Police are investigating a shooting reported at the Walmart in east Yakima Thursday.

The shooting was reported Thursday afternoon

Officers were called to the store on East Chestnut at about 4:00 pm. When they arrived they found a 31-year-old man from Toppenish who was shot multiple times in the neck and chest...police arrested a suspect a short time after the shooting...authorities say they don't believe the shooting was gang related. Officers retrieved the gun used in the shooting. The victim is being treated at Yakima Valley Memorial hospital.

The suspect is being held in the Yakima County jail

The suspect faces assault charges...The suspect is being held in the Yakima County jail. The victim was in critical condition at the hospital on Thursday night.

Other shootings are still on the books and detectives continue to search for suspects. In fact authorities are still searching for 19-year-old Jesus Mendoza-Garcia and 17-year-old Alonzo Mendoza-Garcia. Both are charged with first-degree assault and drive by shooting for the shooting on June 14 of last year in which innocent people standing nearby the intersection came close to also being injured by flying bullets.
Police say the victim in the crime has been active in gang activity since the shooting and wasn't dissuaded by the shooting that nearly took his life and the life of his mother.

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