Beats 1 has been laying the proverbial smackdown on its competitors since its inception last month. With high hopes of shifting the culture and how we listen to music, Apple Music recruited the likes of Dr. Dre, Drake and Pharrell, among others, to help push Beats 1 to the masses.

The 24/7 radio station, which broadcasts worldwide from Los Angeles, New York and London, features Skateboard P commanding listeners' attention by calling on friends like Justin Timberlake to talk about new artists on his radar. During Jaden Smith's station launch, he recruited arguably one of the biggest stars in Hollywood (and one of '90s hip-hop's greats) to be a guest: his dad, Will Smith.

Other artists have made splashes of their own thus far like Q-Tip and the tag team of Run the Jewels. With each artist sprinkling their musical taste onto the Beats 1 platform, there's definitely a very diverse showing from the team at Apple. In addition to having some of your favorite rappers and singers in front of the Beats 1 mic, there are also some major personalities making noise in the game with their own shows.

To help you get a grasp on which programming will suit your ears, The Boombox is here to help. Check out 10 Beats 1 Radio Shows You Need to Hear.

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